benefits of Malta residence programme

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP or the Golden Visa) is an excellent programme through which high net worth individuals can enjoy various benefits by investing in Malta. Upon attaining residency, investors are able to travel freely within the Schengen zone, both for work and leisure, without undergoing border controls. Moreover, given that successful applicants are able to reside indefinitely in Malta, holders of the residency card can eventually opt for the long-term residency and ultimately for Maltese citizenship.

What are the benefits of the Residency Programme in Malta?

Throughout the years, Malta’s economic stability and political congruence on socio-economic issues have appealed to various foreign investors seeking a safe, yet competitive jurisdiction to invest and do business. This has to a hub for foreign investment. Since accession to the European Union in 2004, traditional markets have been expanding and new niches are being introduced, thus contributing to its steady economic growth. Moreover, Malta’s ability to adapt to economic fluctuations has been paramount in times of unprecedented financial crises and in fact, Malta and Germany were the only two European states to maintain economic progress during the Eurozone crisis in 2008. In addition, since Malta became a full member of the Schengen area, holders of the residency card will also be able to travel without any restrictions throughout the Schengen zone.

Advantage of Malta residence programme

Malta Residency and Visa Programme - the advantages

The acquisition of Maltese residency offers numerous benefits to foreign investors, particularly non-EU nationals who seek a link with the EU. The following are a number of benefits which successful applicants may enjoy:



Permanent residency in just 3 months – a quick process

Malta residence programme - benefits just in 3 months

Following the submission of the application form together with the supporting documents, a decision on whether the applicant has been successful is reached after three months only. This means that eligible candidates can become Maltese residents in just three months under the Golden Visa Programme.


Possibility of attaining permanent residency and applying for Maltese Citizenship

Malta residence programme - advantage to get citizenship

Moreover, after acquiring Maltese residency, successful applicants have the possibility to reside indefinitely in Malta, albeit not obliged to do so. Residency is issued for 5 years and is freely renewable thereafter. Given the permanent residency status, successful applicants can apply for the long-term residency option and eventually for Maltese Citizenship.


Border-free travel in 26 countries

Malta residency programme - benefit of freedom mobility

Since Malta is party to the Schengen agreement, holders of the residency card are entitled to the Schengen Residence Card which allows them to travel freely within 26 countries, including the majority of the EU Member States as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


An efficient tax system

Malta residency programme - advantage of tax system

Upon registering ordinary residency, that is a minimum physical presence of 6 months (183 days), holders of the residency card acquire a tax residency status. Non-dom tax residents benefit under the remittance basis of taxation on foreign income. Income arising in Malta or remitted to Malta is taxable at an advantageous flat-rate of 15%. Moreover, capital gains arising outside of Malta fall outside the remit of Maltese tax, even when remitted to Malta and hence, only capital gains arising in Malta are taxable. Moreover, Malta does not impose any inheritance tax, gift tax or wealth taxes.


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