Given the myriad of benefits this residency programme has to offer, the Malta Residency and Visa Programme (MRVP or the Golden Visa) is an attractive programme for high net worth, non-EU individuals who wish to acquire permanent Maltese residency by investing in Malta. Holders of the residency card have the option to reside indefinitely in Malta, apply for long-term residency and eventually for the Maltese Citizenship. Moreover, successful applicants can travel border-free in the Schengen area and can benefit from a remittance basis of taxation. Check the eligibility requirements below, to see if you can start benefiting from this programme. 

Eligibility Of Malta Residence Programme

Who is eligible to apply for the Malta Golden Visa?

To be eligible for the MRVP - Malta Golden Visa Programme, the main applicant needs to fulfill the four following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and have valid travel documents during the time of application
  • Be in good health and not suffer from any contagious disease or severe medical condition that may become an excessive burden on the national health system.
  • Have an all-covering EU health insurance
  • Declare a minimum foreign income of €100,000 per year or be in possession of a minimum capital of €500,000.

They will also need to fulfil the below criteria:


Eligibility of Malta Golden Visa

1. MRVP Initial contribution fee that includes all the family

Malta residency visa programme eligibility- contribution fee

To apply for the Golden Visa, the Main Applicant is requested to pay a non-refundable contribution fee of €30,000 (€5,500 of which is paid initially upon submitting the application while the remaining €24,500 is payable after approval). This contribution fee covers the main applicant, as well as the spouse and the children (both minor and adult-dependant ones) of the main applicant and/or the spouse at application stage.

2. Financially- Dependent Children included. No age-limit for adult-dependant children under the MRVP

Malta residency visa programme eligibility- all family members included

As a result of recent legal amendments, a provision containing the age-limit for adult-dependant children was repealed. This means that now, the adult dependant children of the main applicant and/or spouse, irrespective of their age, will still be granted residency rights, provided that they are not economically active and unmarried, and are financially dependent on the main applicant. In the event where the adult dependant child gets married, the main applicant still has the possibility to include the spouse of the adult dependant child as well as his/her children against a non-refundable fee of € 5,000 per person.

Furthermore, through the Golden Visa Programme, the main applicant and/or spouse has the option to also include their parents and/or grandparents on the application, against a non-refundable fee of €5,000 per person.

3. Fit and proper test

Malta residency visa programme eligibility- fit and proper health test

When submitting the application, applicants need to prove that they have a clean criminal record. During due diligence stage, this record is verified with various authorities including the INTERPOL and the International Criminal Court (ICC), in order to ensure that only reputable and estimable investors are allowed to benefit from Maltese residency. This fit and properness test takes three months in total and is followed by a decision with regards to the approval or otherwise of the application.

4. Investment of €250,000 – redeemable in 5 years, plus return on investment

Malta residency visa programme eligibility- investment in government bonds or shares

During compliance stage, successful applicants are required to invest €250,000 in Government approved bonds or shares. This investment is to be kept for 5 years after which, the applicant has the option to redeem the invested capital plus any profit incurred.


5. Purchase or rental of property

Malta residency visa programme eligibility- purchase or rental of property

After the application is approved, the applicant is required to either:

• Purchase a property of not less than €320,000 in Malta or €270,000 in the Southern region of Malta or Gozo; or

• Enter a property rental agreement of not less than €12,000 p.a. in Malta or €10,000 p.a. in the Southern region of Malta or Gozo.

Issuance of Residency Cards

A compliance period of three months is given to applicants, in order to meet the necessary criteria. During this period, the applicant is requested to settle the remaining €24,500 of the contribution fee, after which, residency cards are issued and the successful applicants can start enjoying the numerous benefits that the Golden Visa Programme has to offer.


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