Malta Golden Visa Frequently Asked Question

Do you have any queries with regards to the Malta Residency & Visa Programme (MRVP)? – Please do not hesitate to contact us here or check the FAQs below for an overview of the most frequently asked questions about the MRVP.

How long does it take to acquire the Maltese Residency Card?

Initially, two to three weeks are dedicated to the preparation of the application file and all the necessary supporting documents. Then, the application is submitted together with a non-refundable fee of €5,500. Subsequently, a due diligence exercise is initiated during which all the submitted documents are verified for their formal validity. The time frame for processing the MRVP application takes three months in total and is followed by a decision on the success or otherwise of the candidate.

How is the MRVP application processed?

After preparing the necessary documentation, the application is submitted to Identity Malta for review. In a span of three months, all the documents are checked and verified for their legitimacy with the respective authorities and some further background checks are conducted. Throughout this due diligence process, Identity Malta will ensure that the prospective applicant meets the necessary criteria in order for them to be able to approve the application and eventually issue the Maltese Residency Card.

What is the compliance time frame after the application is approved?

If applicants receive positive feedback from Identity Malta with regards to their application, the following step would be compliance. A three-month time frame is given to successful applicants for them to fulfil the necessary requirements, mainly: the purchase or rental of property in Malta or Gozo, the investment of €250,000 in Government bonds or shares, the purchase of an all-covering EU health insurance and the settlement of the remaining €24,500 of the contribution fee.

Malta Residency Visa Programme Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the Golden Visa Programme?

The Malta Residency and Visa Programme, also known as the Golden Visa Programme, is aimed towards high net worth, non-EU individuals who wish to obtain Maltese Residency by investment. Interested prospects must be at least 18 years of age and have valid travel documents during the time of application. They must be in good health and not suffer from a contagious disease or severe medical condition that can become a burden on the Maltese health system. Moreover, the applicant must have a clean criminal record which will be verified by INTERPOL, the International Criminal Court and other authorities. Lastly, on application, the applicant must prove a minimum foreign income of €100,000 per year or be in possession of a capital of at least €500,000. For a full overview of the eligibility requirements for the MRVP, please click here.



Malta Residency Programme uncovered benefits

What benefits can be derived from the MRVP?

Acquiring Maltese Residency by investment can be highly advantageous given the attractive benefits that the MRVP has to offer. The list below offers an indicative overview of what this programme has to offer:

  • Contribution fee that covers all the family; the Main applicant, Spouse and children (both minor and adult-dependant) of both the Main applicant and the Spouse;
  • Access to a Maltese working permit;
  • Permanent Maltese Residency in just three months, with the option to apply for the long-term residency option and eventually for Maltese citizenship;
  • Border-free travel in 26 countries of the Schengen area; 22 of which are EU Member States plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein;
  • Remittance basis of taxation for non-dom residents who exhibit minimum physical presence of 6 months (183 days) and hence, no worldwide basis taxation;
  • Return on investment after 5 years, when redeeming Government bonds or shares.

For a comprehensive and detailed list of the benefits that the MRVP has to offer, feel free to click here.

When was the Malta Residency & Visa Programme approved?

The Maltese Residency by Investment Programme, known as the MRVP, was introduced by virtue of Legal Notice 288 of 2015, which contributed to the compilation of the Malta Residence and Visa Programme Regulations, 2015. These regulations were further amended by Legal Notice 189 of 2017, in order to make it more beneficial for prospective investors, who are interested in acquiring Maltese Residency.

How can we help?

At Chetcuti Cauchi, we go beyond providing traditional legal services and focus on creating a solution that is tailored to the individual needs of the client. Besides offering professional legal counsel on the different aspects of Maltese law and taxation, our lawyers are registered mandataries, meaning that they are authorised by the Maltese Government to submit the Residency Application to Identity Malta for approval. Moreover, expert advice is also given when it comes to property rental agreements, estate management and investment plans. Ultimately, our aim is to provide professional assistance at every stage of the process and guidance from the preparation of the application till the issuance of the Residency Cards.  


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